All you need to know about solicitors

April 14, 2022 Ann Flores 0

Solicitors in Mackay are considered legal practitioners qualified to:

  • Defend or represent the legal interests of clients
  • Prepare legal documentation
  • Provide specialised legal advice on many areas of the law

The clients that benefit by working with a solicitor include:

  • Large national or international industries
  • Individuals
  • Small and medium-sized businesses

What work does solicitors in Mackay do?

The broad legal practice of solicitors allows them to handle two kinds of legal contexts, including:

Non-litigious legal work

Non-litigious legal work is often referred to as non-contentious work. The role of the solicitor is to provide a legal perspective to the business or personal needs of a client. This could include:

  • Provide advice on the building and designing of construction works
  • Selling and buying residential or commercial properties
  • Legal expertise in company mergers
  • Selling and buying businesses or companies

Litigious legal work

Often referred to as contentious work, litigious legal work is a role that many solicitors deal in. This takes the form of being involved in mediation or arbitration between two disputing parties. The mediation process provided by a solicitor could take place in a tribunal or court setting.

Advantages of hiring business solicitors

A business solicitor is the right legal expert you need when you own a business. The complications of commercial law are better handled by seeking help from an experienced and skilful business solicitor.

Here’s why:

Help with the financing and taxes of the business

Legal implications are almost everywhere when it comes to business. Business loans to help finance the business needs legal advice on:

  • Fair terms of the lender
  • Legal implications of the loan
  • The sources of finance

Negotiating on your behalf while helping you understand the various financial dealings is the important role solicitors bring to the table. The different business models also mean different tax implications. A solicitor in your corner helps to start the financial year of the business the right and legal way.

Help in structuring your company

A fair ROI is ensured when a solicitor is hired at the outset of a business. If the business is a partnership, the solicitor’s expertise helps in providing an excellent business partnership contract that benefits all partners. The best options that can be applied to the partnership are added benefits gained from a solicitor.

Offer a range of other legal services

A wide range of legal services is gained by a business opting for a business solicitor. This includes:

  • The issuance of shares of stocks
  • Protection of all intellectual property
  • Help and advice in employment law
  • Cash flow
  • Protect the interests of the company
  • Services and goods
  • Legal help when selling the business
  • Provide expert help in franchising

The business is ensured safety at all times with help from an experienced and skilful business solicitor.

The proper running of a business is not only about making money. It also has a lot to do with complying with the various aspects of commercial law. Taking the necessary steps to ensure safety in all your business dealings and practices needs help from a business solicitor.

While hiring a business solicitor is not seen as necessary, it is in the best interest of the business to have one. Contact us at Macrossan & Amiet Solicitors in Mackay to know more.…